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Walter Hürlimann
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We specialized on the repairing / revision of the Opel transferbox use with the Vectra / Cavalier and Calibra 4x4.
Price list page 1 (PDF)
Price list page 2 (PDF)
Guaranty regulations ( PDF)

What we can do for you:

Depending on the damage we must replace the following parts:
- pressure ring of the pressure housing
- pressure ring and pressure housing
- all sealing rings
- all bearings
- new separation clutch lamellas
- revised visco clutch - new plate - and
  bevel gear
Sport transferbox
Like a total revision we edit the transferbox and co-ordinate it particularly for the up rated vehicle. Also the visco clutch is adapted to the performance (NM) of the engine. Why it is so important you can read here:
Visco clutch (PDF).
Conversion kit from AWD to Front wheel drive
Including precise conversion manual, ABE appraisal of Germany and type permission Switzerland.
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Since November 2000 the transferboxes are not only repaired, but also manufactured in our garage! The entire manufacturing of the transferboxes needed by the Opel service was shifted by Steyr Daimler Puch to us. Thus we are an official supplier for Steyr Daimler Puch in Graz in agreement with Adam Opel AG an possess all factory test stands and technical documents approximately around the transferbox.

If you don't have the time to visit us personally you can also send us your transferbox by mail. See also within  Repair / Shipment!

For shipment to N, DK, S, FIN, ISL, IRL, GB, A or any eastern country please contact our Distributors!

We don't sell spare parts of the transferbox!

Special information's transferbox / all wheel drive
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