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Walter Hürlimann
Herferswil 70
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Walter Hürlimann Elisabeth Hürlimann  
Walter Hürlimann Elisabeth Hürlimann  
Business Owner/
Plant Manager
Accounts Department

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Once upon the time there was a cowshed...

1970 hired Walter Hürlimann a cowshed form his father. But instead using it for cows other "horse powers" were cared of! The height of the room was enough to lift a VW Transporter high enough to get the wheels of the air, but not more!
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After working two years within the garage without a central heating, 1972 was invested into it.

1975 the Garage and the dwelling house was rebuild. At the same time, a dedicated room for car washing was build, what was a true sensation at that time for such a small garage.

1982-1985 the Dorfbrunnen-Garage was official Opel local dealer (AOS).

Meanwhile the sons Reto and Marcel Hürlimann decided to become car mechanics. Both were educated in the garage of their father. Especially the ability to revise many different units properly was given from the father to his sons.  
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