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Walter Hürlimann
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Power Steering
We revise ZF power steering for the following cars:
   Astra F
   Kadett E / Astra E
   Vectra A / Cavalier
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All steering elements are divided completely and cleaned to check the wearing parts. Afterwards all sealing rings, Simmering and cover caps are replaced. After the professional assembly the steering element is checked again on the test bed, see also at Quality Assurance!

In the case you don't have the time to visit us you can send us the steering element by mail, see also Repair / Shipment!

We have different steering elements in exchange on stock. If you're interested, please contact us. Don't forget to give us the 10-digit ZF number (not the 8-digit GM number) printed on the type plate.
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Price list page 2 (PDF)
Guaranty Regulations (PDF)
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