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Walter Hürlimann
Herferswil 70
CH-8932 Mettmenstetten
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Repair / Shipment

If the vehicle is still mobile, the repair of the transferbox (including removal and installation) can be done in our garage. Please contact us early enough!

Stay overnight free of charge:
In the case the repair duration exceeds one day you can stay overnight in our house free of charge:
map to find us
The amount of repair must be paid cash in Swiss Franconia (SFR) or Euro (EURO) to the current exchange rate. Other currencies/payment methods are not accepted. Unfortunately we were forced to this, since we made very bad experiences with cash-on-delivery items / invoices. We ask for your understanding.
For the shipment to N, DK, S, FIN, ISL, IRL, GB, A and all eastern countries please contact one of our Reseller!

We can serve you also by mail. Send us your power steering or your defective transferbox to revision or repair. Consider our special
shipment guidance/ conditions of payment (in PDF format)
state estimate
for shipment from foreign countries (PDF)
Price list page 1 (PDF)

Price list page 2 (PDF)

Guaranty Regulations (PDF)

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