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1994 Walter Hürlimann examined the 4x4 transferbox of the Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra after a Customer complain. He discovered that the cause for the complain was the piston of the separation clutch and searched for a solution. The solution was the development of a changed piston, but the manufacturer of the transferbox was  Cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir!
skeptical. But it worked, the transferbox was working well after the repair. The rate of complains about the transferbox raised, and so Water Hürlimann specialized himself for repairing the Opel 4x4 transferbox.
His huge knowledge Walter Hürlimann gave to his sons, Reto and Marcel Hürlimann.

In May 2000 the company celebrated it's 30th birthday. At the same time, Walter Hürlimann handed over the garage business to his son Marcel Hürlimann. To his customers belong many US-Car and Corvette driver. If you want to get more information's, you'll get them at References/Press.

In November 2000 the whole manufacturing of the transferboxes needed for service at Opel/Vauxhall was transferred form Steyr-Daimler-Puch in Graz to the Dorfbrunnen-Garage Walter Hürlimann. The official production-audit carried out by the Adam Opel AG and Steyr-Daimler-Puch was passed well. The Dorfbrunnen-Garage Walter Hürlimann is a official Sub-Company of Steyr-Daimler-Puch with approval of the Adam Opel AG and owns all company test beds and technical documents about the transferbox.

From now own all new transferboxes (Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra 4x4) for the Adam Opel AG are manufactured by the Dorfbrunnen-Garage Walter Hürlimann, Herferswil. These new transferboxes are delivered to the worldwide exchange part stocks. This large order will go on till end of 2003. After that, the production of new transferboxes will be stopped forever.

The Dorfbrunnen-Garage owns all exchange parts for the transferbox and is so able to revise transferboxes even after the year 2003.

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